Choice and Control; They Want to be Men revisited.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope everyone’s holiday was good and was spent rejuvenating sufficiently from a very hard year. Ah, time off is what we all work for, no? At any rate, on to brass tacks. 

During this family break I was mulling over some aspects in regards to the dynamic between men and women in society. See, as I have already stated, I have ADHD, and to assist in making my life easier, I have learned that looking at the concepts or principles in life tends to simplify things to a great extent. While the exact actions we may take could change fairly quickly depending on the times people live in, the principles behind why people do them changes much slower in comparison. While I was mulling over the second part of my “They Want To Be Men” post that something hit me like a freight train.
Feminism is all about Choice; in reality, the LACK of choice women have in regards to their interactions with men and therefore, the control they do not have in these same interactions. In all honesty, I’m not being mean or pointing fingers,  when you look at the truth, it’s as clear as day.
As I have stated in my previous post in regards to women wanting to be men, us guys haven’t the foggiest clue as how our lives differ significantly from women and the issues they may face even on a daily basis. It’s due to the amount of control men have in their lives and therefore the choices this control affords us that women chafe at so harshly, as they do not have any reciprocal control and therefore choice in their own lives when dealing with us. This isn’t the fault of men or women, this is simply the way that things have played out, to be honest.

Consider the first post in this series as an example; a man has direct control over the aspects of himself which women find attractive. Confidence, knowledge, and skills in resource gathering, a man can exert his direct influence in altering his level of prowess in these areas if the need arises. Even if he was a scrub for the first many years of his life, he has the time to turn things around and get on the ‘right track’ if he so chooses. A woman on the other hand has all her eggs in the fertility basket, which is dependant NOT on what she herself does, but on the die roll of her parents. You see, just as Athol Kay  has stated (DAMNED GOOD BLOG BTW), a woman’s SMV is to some degree fluid and can be manipulated in the short term with some sexual behavior adjustments (opening up the bedroom door in an LTR much more than before) or with some well-applied makeup. Yes, men have no short-term adjustments which we can effect to bolster up our SMV or sex rank, but there is something else we have. Over the long term, men clean up, women, not so much.

Women, have only indirect control over the main asset we men look at (appearance/fertility) and essentially, her best bet is to do her best to hang onto to her declining appearance as she ages as she cannot stop the process outright. This of course is depending that she was blessed with above average genetics in the first place, of course that is completely out of her hands right from the get go.

See what I mean?

Since men can directly affect the aspects, which attract women, they in turn have more choices than women do. A man can squander his youth in all sorts of fruitless quests and choose to turn things around and become a pillar of society later in life, so long as he doesn’t choose to do so at retirement age. This same choice usually isn’t available to women unfortunately, and this does indeed have them seeing red. Women therefore have to defer to men, dressing and acting in ways, which will please them and qualify them for marriage. Sure women are the ones who make the choices in terms of who they chose to marry, but they have a boatload of work they must do beforehand, including being told repeatedly by the matriarchs in the family how types like Casey Kelso (an Alpha no doubt) are VEDDY, VEDDY BAYED and types like Eric Foreman (BETA!!) are VEDDY, VEDDY GOOD. 

The wife likes “That 70’s Show”…blame her.

Consider it, a man is simply told to learn a trade and ‘eventually’ marry, for a woman it’s a case of life or death when remembering the past. a man is judged on his accomplishments, a woman is judged on what type of man she is able to land. Bit of a difference isn’t there between the genders? In the past, her choice on who a woman married could mean a life of hardship or death, or a life of relative comfort. 

I will expand upon this in time, stay tuned…..

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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1 Response to Choice and Control; They Want to be Men revisited.

  1. Will S. says:

    A good point, Omnipitron; so much of feminism really is all about 'penis envy', so to speak (not literally, so much as envy of that which men possess, whether careers outside the home, desirability lasting longer, more choices, etc.)Feminism is simply female jealousy and resentment, enacted into policy. True, it's also about power, but the reason why feminists crave power, is because it is seen as something men have and women lack, in their minds (ignoring the power within relationships which many women have had, over their men, since time immemorial).

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