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Anyone who has spent any sort of time on the Manosphere obviously realizes that Feminism and the wonderful benefits it gives to society is the Topic du Jour. We have seen the many negative issues, which Feminism creates, the denigration of fathers and vilification of men in society, the encouragement of false rape/domestic violence allegations while providing no protection to the men who could suffer the massive fallout of such heinous claims. The massive expansion of the rape definitions to further cow men into submission and the absolute stonewalling of men’s reproductive rights just to name a few topics. This has lead to more boys growing up delinquent and young girls becoming mothers far too young and needing more and more government support plus a moral degradation of society and a family court system biased against men and fathers. All the while, what do we here from Feminism?
Right…women have changed the social and political landscape and have more freedoms and rights than even the men they decry and yet they are still wailing for more freedom due to the evils of ‘the patriarchy”.  Needless to say, once you wake up from the matrix and realize the truth about the hate movement feminism actually is which will in some cases stoop to use spin and sometimes fabrications in order to achieve its goals. When people discuss these topics on the Manosphere, you will sometimes see Feminists pop up to ‘explain’ how they see things and to alleviate the obvious misconceptions of their order.
However, here is the thing they do not realize, they do a piss poor job of it.
Realize this; that as a Feminist, when these womyn step up to the plate to defend their ‘order’ they actually represent feminism wherever it is that they happen to go. Once you state that you are a hardcore feminist, then some will pay more attention to you to see whether the ‘hate filled’ manosphere is actually right or simply full of sh!t. The truth of the matter is; that most feminists actually show people that what they see in Feminism on a whole is actually true even on an individual level.
Yes there are many feminist shaming tactics that will get pulled out of the hat once their ‘special snowflake’ platform get’s crushed under the unruly and unyielding force of reality but understand that the situation goes further than this. Just take a look at Dalrocks Blog as he is currently mining Gold in terms of certain Feminist commenters running their Rationalization Hamsters on an Indy 500 type pace. I didn’t think that those teeny little guys could hang in there for that long, but hey, guess we learn something new everyday huh?
Gotta provide some quotes to give some examples for the sake of ease.
Womyn A;
“A resounding ditto here! My husband and I went thru a very rough patch about 12 years ago – the D word was being tossed around. My female friends (fellow career bitches) all urged me to hang in there, slow down, don’t make any drastic moves, look for the good in my spouse – all wise words. We “fixed” our problems and are pretty happy together these days!
At the time, there were a couple people in my circle that did let me know my husband wasn’t good enough; not enough formal education, money, or status. “You could do so much better!” I married a blue-collar guy – apparently I didn’t get the email on women’s hypergamy – we are all obsessed with money and titles.
Who were the naysayers? Not career bitches or girly girls; they were men.”

Now this exchange can be found on this blog, and the one thing I will agree on is that nothing in this world is 100% one way or another. It would be foolish to expect that women act a certain way all of the time and that men also follow suit to the same extent and exceptions are sure to make themselves known…but why is it that only the feminists had this sort of experience which also happen to be the inverse of Dalrock’s point?

As Arsenio Hall used to say, something to make you go Hmmm?

Womyn B:

“I’m sorry, D. I just don’t see many RL examples of the stuff I hear about from MRAs on the net. Yes, men get hurt by divorce. No one is better off after a divorce, but MRAs do ignore that women can be hurt too.”

I see, so here we have an ‘innocent’ statement about how this self-admitting feminist doesn’t seem to see the rampant misandry in the Western World. If these people where truly about equality, then when men and the worthy women who also point readily accessible examples out, wouldn’t it then be easier to notice them? Folks, yes when people are still ‘hooked up’ to the matrix, it can be easy to miss the obvious. However, if even after members of both genders use examples, and the issue still can’t be seen, what does that say about that person? I mean, possibly this womyn may not see the misandry, I mean, she could live in a cave or something, then again, I guess one could access the internet from a wired up crevasse in the Himalayas right?

Could it be that quite possibly, the reason that they don’t see the issues at hand is because they don’t WISH to?

These are just some of the examples and if you check through the comments, you will see inverse reality used extensively and exceptions applied to alleviate the humdrum common sense rules, which Dalrock and others will provide…that are also backed by statistics. Heck, you will even see comparisons by these womyn made between Game Blogs to the massive mainstream media in how they deliver the ‘trade up’ messages to men and women.  Consider it for a second, Citizen Renegade and In Mala Fide being compared to Eat Pray Love, which is part of Oprah’s book club and played by A-list actors and a huge budget.
If I ask my neighbor about EPL, there is a decent chance they’ve heard about it, but if I ask what they thought about Ferdinand Bardamu’s latest blog post, I’m sure they will have never heard of him, get the picture? I think it’s asinine to compare a website that you have to have prior knowledge of, get on your computer, navigate to through the web, and then read the contents ALL BY CHOICE compared to a crappy movie based on nothing but female hypergamous fantasy which will get forced into your living room depending on which channel you are watching multiple times a day, EVERYDAY.
D’s blog isn’t the only place where we can see these wonderful postulations being heaped upon the Manosphere, just that Dalrock inadvertently created a venue where one can see this phenomenon regularly. It may be a good idea to take a gander (as he makes some very good points regularly and you will be happy that you took the time to read) so you can watch this phenomenon unfold in front of you.
Now the biggest and most telling aspect of a feminist’s dubious nature is the defense of bad female behavior; this IMHO, is the most dangerous characteristic about the Rationalization Hamster. In this post on D’s blog, he pointed out the life course of a woman who divorced her husband and apparently her life didn’t turn out anywhere near as well as she had intended. Sure enough, here came the Fem’s defending her actions and insinuating that we don’t know enough about the situation to infer that she did so frivolously.
Womyn C;
“But Suzie isn’t in low-income housing because she got a divorce. She is in low-income housing because she dropped out of grad school and spent time in mental-health institutions.
And again, it still doesn’t follow that she would prefer to be with a man she left just to have a more comfortable house or have some companionship. Isn’t it a bit presumptuous to assume we know what is best for her? Surely only she can define that, no? Maybe she’s thinking, “As bad as things are, at least I am not with my ex-husband anymore!”
Look, I am quite sure there are plenty of people in the world who have regretted divorce or wished to return to their partners. But the idea that this is always or often the case seems unlikely. Usually people leave marriages because they REALLY don’t want to be married to that person any more. I am not saying that’s a good thing, but the idea that women who divorce will get their comeuppance some day is not necessarily true.”

True, while we don’t know everything about her situation, there was a distinct lack of evidence proving that she wanted nothing more than to trade her hubby up for a better deal. Dalrock also went back to his wife, as this woman was her friend, for more information and wound up finding yet more evidence, which suggests frivolity was indeed a major factor in the decision-making. The illustrious Zed had a comment on another of D’s posts, which summed up my thoughts succinctly.
“To me, the most disturbing aspect of a whole lot of what I see being written these days is that it gives the impression that “being a good husband” just isn’t worth very much to women these days. A man seems to need Game even in marriage, and lives with the sword of Damocles hanging over his head if he goes off his Game.

I usually find the comments to articles like this much more disturbing than the articles themselves. If all these supposed “NAWALTS” really were “not like that”, I would expect them to be ripping into selfish women like this, telling her how stupid she was for frivolously divorcing a man she describes as a “great husband.” Instead, the majority of comments always seem to be of the “you go, grrl” variety.” (Emphasis mine)

And that’s the point!! Where are the ‘responsible’ womyn stating that what this particular woman did was wrong? Wouldn’t the Feminists be the loudest voices decrying this sort of bad behavior from other women? Their fore-mothers fought so hard for this equality that they now enjoy and positioned them to be able to extract more rights when the need arises but to have a woman abuse it in a manner such as this makes ALL women look bad. Yet why do we have an overwhelming amount of NON-Feminists (Grerp, Susan Walsh, and Thag Jones just to name a few) being the ones who don’t approve much less attempt to defend such behavior?
When these Non-Feminists discuss the duties, which are important to children and family, you will also see Feminists discuss the importance of the mother’s happiness in these cases over everything else. Do I think that anyone needs to be unhappy in the course of a marriage? Heck no, but I also think that some of the current circumstances are rewarding a woman’s happiness at the expense of her family and when people like Dalrock point this out with evidence to back up his position, he gets an attempted snow job in return.
This is the deal, understand everyone, this is the same use of the Hamster which will Rationalize away a mother killing her husband and/or her children who seems very much innocent from all the evidence provided. These would be the people who would assume that if a woman acted in a manner such as this, then obviously there where extenuating circumstances which forced this woman to deviate from the acceptable norms, and therefore innocent of any negative repercussions right?
I think not.
The main issue, which seems to escape these ‘womyn’ is that instead of supplying counterpoints, which prove Feminism’s usefulness, they are proving several things;
1.      That women with responsibilities can and will abuse them yet suffer no negative repercussions
2.    That any such deviations from acceptable behavior will not only be accepted but encouraged
3.     That the very freedoms which women now enjoy may encroach on the rest of society, therefore causing untold harm, yet won’t be opposed so long as women continue to ‘benefit’ in the short term
4.    That these benefits will be protected by any means necessary whether it be the massaging of statistics, using exceptions or ignoring very prevalent facts
However, the biggest thing womyn don’t understand is this; that their positions prove that the Manosphere’s beliefs on Feminism is 100% founded and that men are right to protect themselves against this “egalitarian” movement and speak out about it.
The one thing, which really has me shaking my head, is that I find their perceptions almost insulting. That they believe people do not have eyes or intelligence of their own to look into the world and see that the Feminist perception is false or simply the exception to the overwhelming rules of life. Anyone with eyes, especially the ‘Matrix Survivors” can see the gaping holes in their positions, yet they continue on as if their platforms are airtight and by repeating their mantra continually will somehow bring about it’s reality.
Ladies, we live on the same planet, and we can see what’s really going on, just an FYI. The more you try to snow us, the more we see Feminism, and you for what you really are. You have no statistics to prove the benefits of Feminism and more importantly, no information of value to DISprove the very real and ubiquitous claims made against it. Feminists try to spin and make their case, but all one has to do is virtually look out their window to the world and see the manipulation for what it is, and as time marches on, it becomes easier to see the huge toll Feminism takes on society. You womyn are doing exactly the polar opposite of what it is you wish to achieve and in the words of Joe Public’s “Live and Learn”
“The only fool that you are foolin’ is the fool that is you.”


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