Justin Beiber ‘drifts off’ during his tutoring.

I just read this today in a small paper in Ottawa Canada. It could be old, but it really doesn’t matter at this point, I just can’t put into words about what I believe the ramifications are about something being said like this. Is this what’s going on now? That ADHD is simply a buzzword for how people are feeling about themselves? “I sometimes lose focus” now means you have ADHD?
This isn’t a joke dammit, there are people whom legitimately HAVE ADHD who wish they didn’t. Between teachers passing ADHD ‘diagnoses’ to parents like they where Halloween Candy and then adults who dismiss it as simply a ‘state of mind’ and not a real problem, we have a real situation on our hands when it comes to legit peeps who wish they didn’t have this ‘disorder’ of attention and seek remedies in order to lead normal lives. One of the things which really gets me riled up are the people who don’t have ADHD who seem to think that the world is full of fools who haven’t the foggiest notion in terms of what this disorder entails.
Here is a tip, ADHD isn’t just for kids, they can and do grow up with it too, and your dismissive attitude is only making this young child’s experience worse.
Here are some websites, which may help people get a handle on this burgeoning issue and yes, I like to include both sides so that people know that I’m simply not a pill pusher. Trust me, I get no kickbacks from big pharma for this. 

There is help out there, seek it out and use it.
I urge people to take this seriously, what I went through as I was growing up I don’t wish on any child, if these situations can be mitigated…please…PLEASE make it worth your time.  ADHD has several Cormorbid (read piggybacking) effects, which range from depression (been there, done that) to suicide (know some peeps who have flirted with this). ADHD is like a nuclear bomb to a teenager’s already low self-esteem and I can’t stress this enough. Always looking over your shoulder as you always are doing everything wrong no matter how much effort you put in. Everyone seems to catch on faster to new things while people have to explain, and then re-explain, and then re-explain once more to you…and you still don’t get it. Everyone seems to succeed so easily so you wonder what it is about you that you can’t seem to get anything done or to ever accomplish anything.
This is not a joke, I stress this seriously, we need to find a special shade of gray with this approach as not every child who can’t sit still has ADHD, but dismissal of symptoms also leads to issues. Every case is indeed unique and possibly medication may not even be required for a viable solution to be found. Some may be fine with some behavioral therapy, some may be fine with a counselor, but yes, and I am one of them, I benefit from my medication and I’m a moron with out it.
But that’s me.
Take the time; find out what the situation is if you or your child seems to display ADHD symptoms. I won’t lie, I was in denial for most of my life, I was only diagnosed three years ago and my life has gotten much better since taking action.  I credit my parents stern and strict parenting style from keeping me out of much more ridiculous trouble.
Get the facts; use common sense when listening to tripe like Beiber ‘drifting off’. This isn’t anywhere near as small an issue as a quick daydream during class. Trust me when I say that many wish it were.


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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