Been reading Dalrock’s blog again (damn that man for making so much sense) and also a recent thread on the Spearhead and I have a suggestion to all the men on the manosphere.
Since we know that large percentages of women tend to veer on the side of the illogical and will use the rationalization hamster overtime when dealing with certain topics in which they FEEL negative about, compromising the intergirty that they claim to have. That they are especially on par with men in terms of being rational while not being so, I think we have been approaching ‘debate’ in the wrong way. We realize that arguing with them is futile do to this childlike dismissal of fact which is right in front of their faces, then possibly another approach is the key.
Ignore them.
Folks, do we get into long serious conversations with our children over the workings of politics, construction, or other serious matters facing life? Usually we figure (correctly) that the inner workings are above their heads, yeah? However, some of us will find an exception, who grasps the intricacies of a topic and can hold their own in a debate or a conversation, thus they will prove, whatever the age they are at that they are worthy of our attention.
I can remember years ago when the building manager of a company I used to work for had brought his son with him to the office. This man was a very hands on type of guy and had extensive experience in construction, and the men who answered to him  also needed broad experience in order to hang. This man’s son was no older than 11 and was conversing intelligently with his father on a project that needed to be done at one of the many stores his crew renovated and maintained shortly before they left to assist in it’s construction. I was flabbergasted that this young child knew so much and could hold his own so effectively, his experience belied his age and obviously this man had taught him well.
My point; simple, if they can hang, they will prove it once you converse with them, if they can’t, is there any reason to include them in any meaningful conversation from then on? Heck, when I renovate things in my house, I may get some great ideas from my kids sometimes, but do you really think I will sit down with them and converse how I’m going to tile my bathroom? Consider topics of even more weight, will you talk to your 14 year old about how you intend to plan for your retirement or get through this current economy? 
Get the picture?
Does one really want to put any sort of weight into the statements of someone who will disregard facts, which are staring them in the face, no matter how obvious it is? Should these people be taken seriously, once they prove they will disregard easily provable facts for their own personal gain? I really think men don’t realize just how important the fact of another man saying that they where wrong in an argument really and truly is. We don’t realize that when someone concedes a point once it’s veracity has been proven; their integrity has been upheld.  If you simply pretend it doesn’t exist, and defend your position that this is so, your integrity takes a bath, period. 

What does one think of someone that says that the Sun is a figment of your imagination and really believes it? Facetious yes, but you get the picture now don’t you?

We will of course encounter some Chinstraps who can and do hold their own and these women are the ones we need to (and usually do) pay attention too as they prove their worth every time we give it, by intelligently arguing their position if they don’t agree to it. All others need to be dismissed as the overgrown children that they really are. Let them speak, then continue on as if they didn’t say anything important, because usually speaking, they haven’t, just like a child.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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