Just read a post on the Spearhead, which really is exciting to say the least in terms of Men’s Rights in Europe. Some MRA’s actually staged a meeting, in secret of course, a meeting of the minds as discussions of anti-feminism took place.
Well done guys, that took a lot of cojones and you pulled it off.
When I think about how Feminists try to use their political might to crush any male opposition to their oligarchy, I keep thinking of a storyline I had seen years ago on a television show I used to watch when I was younger. It was an animated show called Dragon Ball Z, and I personally find some aspects of this story interesting.
Here’s the sitch.
A very powerful alien called Frieza used to run a cartel, which sold planets to the highest bidder. He was a one-stop shop so to speak, as his minions (who followed him out of fear due to his unimaginable power) would invade a planet, kill ALL the inhabitants, and then return to Freiza letting him know that the planet was ‘ready for delivery’. Well, in his employ was a race known as Saiyans, usually these guys (and some girls) where the most effective of his soldiers.
Here is the deal with these Saiyans, they where among the most feared (if not THE most feared) aliens in the known galaxy. They where like modern day Spartans, they lived to fight, it was virtually part of their DNA. If they fought to victory, they would literally become stronger due to the effort. However…if they fought to defeat and survived…watch out, they would become ridiculously more powerful than if they had won.  No one knew what the upper limit to their power actually was, or if even one existed, not even the Saiyans themselves.
And this concerned Freiza and his other minions, quite a bit actually.
You see, he had enslaved their whole planet, using them among his other slaves to feed his business, but they where becoming too strong, too fast. Sure, he was vastly more powerful than any of them at the moment, but how long would it be before one of them became strong enough to challenge even him? Slaves don’t like being slaves for very long, this goes without saying and all a Saiyan resistance movement would have do is fight in secret, take time to heal and get stronger, and it would only be a matter of time before challengers emerged. Frieza did have control of their home planet, but one simply can’t keep an eye on such a vast amount of people all the time. After exterminating some of the immediate potential threats some of his Saiyan slaves presented, he decided that it would simply be safer to destroy the whole Saiyan planet of Vegeta, sparing only a handful of Saiyans who where off world and on ‘planet scouring missions’ at the time. That way he could keep an eye on them, making it far easier to exterminate them if they got too powerful.
However, it didn’t make a difference, of the survivors, one DID become strong enough, and Frieza is now sleeping with the fishes with Luca Brasi.
What’s the point?
Simple; you can bet your bottom dollar that Feminists DON’T want to release the power they have gained and any resistance men give is a definite threat to this. Due to the propaganda that is omni-present in the West, most men haven’t the foggiest clue as to just how much leverage we have over women naturally so most men (read: Betas) consider resistance to be futile, and believe that they are lucky to even GET a woman in the first place. However, the truth is that making things fairer for men by eliminating the biased family courts and divorce laws would squarely interfere with the Feminist Agenda and they would lose a boatload of the leverage they seek to further consolidate.
Men are like the Saiyans, and they ARE afraid of us.
This anti-feminist conference gives hope, and hope is a dangerous thing when one wants to maintain an autocracy. It make people consider that ‘If they can do it, why can’t we?’ and the momentum increases, the ‘resistance’ grows stronger as others begin to risk a little more and then a little more in order to achieve the goal of ending Feminism’s reign. This means that the word is getting out there, more men are realizing the truth behind the smoke a mirrors of Western Society, the more the word gets out, the more future male victims can avoid being raped in family courts and losing the connection to their children that they slave in order to provide for.
The truth is out there, go out and send it as far as you can safely, while not getting yourselves nicked in the process.
Good stuff my European Brothers; you have just broken the One Minute Mile so others are more apt do to the same.

About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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  1. Adonis says:

    I am about to watch DBZ Kai now

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