Okay, just had to post something a little light hearted that I happened across just recently. 

Went to the LCBO which is where Ontarians go to by some ‘juice’ and I noticed something strange.  There was a car in-front of me which hadn’t moved which had two female passengers sharing a cigarette. 

Nothing out of the ordinary, I backed in my truck and then looked up as I pulled out my wallet and keys as I set out on my adventure…and noticed that one of the girls must have had a very stressful day…that she was taking a very long drag on her cigarette that her friend gave her…very long.


So…(snicker)…I jump out of my truck considering the curious situation that happened when the driver jumps out of the car and walks into the LCBO ahead of me. She gives me a look which suggests that she knows that I know that she knows that I know.

I shake my head and figure that I should follow my nose just like Toucan Sam.


She had already left the little vestibule in the store and I can tell you, if you where born without a nose, it wouldn’t have made a difference….at all!! Listen…when I was younger, I used to puff, but dammit, do you really think I would engage in a busy parking lot, in the middle of the day…..where people could see….and SMELL what I was doing??

I have ADHD, and I’m not the brightest bulb in the hallway, but GODDAMN!!

I was fighting laughter as I walked in and bought my stuff, as I left the aisle where my coolers where, this girl passed me once more, giving me yet another knowing look.

Girl, you busted!!! Why are you even trying to act innocent?

She made sure that she hit a cashier that was far away from me and I was fighting to keep myself in check…thank GOD I medicated myself today or else things could have been much worse.

Okay, am I against Mary Jane? As I said, I smoked when I was younger, I chose to stop, and I know that others do what they are going to do, period. Nothing I will say is going to change that HOWEVER, use your FREAKIN COMMON SENSE DAMMIT or else we elders are going to laugh our @$$es off at you, kewl?

C’mon…I am black after all…dammit!!!


About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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