They Want To Be Men!!! Part One

I had always wondered something; why does the Feminist version of North American History sound like it took place on a sharecropper’s farm at the end of a whip?  Why do they earnestly speak about how unfair and oppressive our unfeeling male ancestors where when these same men worked themselves to the bone in dangerous and inhospitable occupations to provide for them? Why is it that women seem to want to get a leg up on men in as many arena’s possible as if they had a hate on for us? They scream for equality yet have no issue pillorying men and taking as many freedoms away from us as they can muster while at the same time consolidating their position.
Why do women seem to get so butt-hurt at a man’s mentioning about his preference for a woman’s appearance, or any choice whatsoever in terms of mating practices and choices on his part? Take this article right here, there apparently was such an outcry from the female contingent about a successful man NOT choosing an independent career woman as his wife that another article was written in response, but it was simply a rewording of the original, switching the genders around. Why did women get so upset by this article, as men we know that Michael Noer had some damn good points.


Well, it was just after I had read The Misandry Bubble by our dear friend the futurist that things began to fit together somewhat and make a little bit more sense to me.  Here is the deal; I had remembered something that my sister had said years ago in terms of women and feminism. She had told me that Feminists wanted to be men, and I have to say it didn’t make too much sense to me at the time. Sure they wanted some of the ‘power’ men held and wanted to follow in our footsteps. Women gained education, political power, and access to arenas previously owned by men alone. This made sense, but my sister had meant more than this, talking about some of the very freedoms we men take for granted. She spoke about women wanting to have the autonomy to act virtually like a man in all situations. As an example, she even spoke about women wanting the choice of taking a man she JUST met to her place, leading him on in terms of where things where going, and then stopping the action by simply changing her mind right before taking the plunge sort to speak.

Listen, while I don’t think rape is good whatsoever, taking a dude that you don’t even know far from the public eye, letting things get hot and heavy and then stopping one base from home may anger some guys of the wrong sort and ugly things could result.  It doesn’t matter if 9 out of 10 guys would leave in a huff, all it takes is one jack-@$$ to change your life forever. At the time, I didn’t consider the ramifications of what my sister meant.

Now I think I do.
Feminism isn’t about equality, nah, it’s about women finally gaining some control on men and actually, gaining leverage over men as much as possible. Why you ask, because just through our natural attributes unique to each gender, men have a boatload of leverage over women.
And they positively hate that about us.

Anyone who has been on the manosphere for even a short amount of time realizes the nature of the pact between the genders. Man has resources, a woman has fertility, and together they trade these assets and raise a family, right? Well, the issue IMO is that we men have forever looked at this situation from only a male perspective and then we shake our heads at the evident rancor women seem to have in regards to our roles in this situation. The key is to look at it from a woman’s perspective, which may possibly shed some light on their apparent motivations.

Initial Market Value

Let me ask you one question, gentlemen, how comfortable would you be if when you married a woman while you where both in your early to mid 20’s, let’s say for the sake of argument, she’s a 6.5 BUT, as she got older, she got more attractive instead of the opposite? In essence, by the time you both are 40, you are now married to a legitimate 8, sound like fun?
Many guys would be really stoked about this turn of events, however now I’m going to ask you another question, what if at the same time, there was a biological issue which afflicted only men, a low level dementia which reduced our mental acuity as we got older and therefore, it would only be a matter of time before the high paying occupations we used to be able to perform would have to be given up for easier and less demanding (and thus less profitable) employment, or leave the working world entirely. Sure there are things which can be done like playing Sudoku or other mental exercises and/or diet changes which can have a positive affect on our declining mental states. However, all these do is slow the inevitable decline, nothing can stop it or reverse it for that matter. Over time, you will have to watch as younger more able men are giving your ever increasingly attractive wife the eye and you have no real means of defense available to you, other than making a boatload of bread when you where younger and more capable and being a ‘good little boy’ when you where younger, hoping that she will return the favor to you when your situations change.

Still sound like fun?

Us guys would have to make sure we really thought long and hard about what type of woman to settle down with as our youth is the time when we have the best chance of landing a good woman, not just for now, but for years to come, and then hope that when the sun sets on our skills that the ladies in our lives don’t trade us up for a younger and better model.

Stressful yes? Sort of changes the game a little now doesn’t it?

That’s the point, as men we don’t realize it, as these issues aren’t ones we will ever face so we don’t have to plan for it or even consider it, but the vast majority of women face this very sobering reality eventually. Since a man’s most valuable asset to a woman is based on his performance, he is at a clear advantage in this scenario. Performance is something he can improve upon over time, a man can LEARN Game, he can LEARN how to improve his self-esteem, he can LEARN how to invest, and he can LEARN a new trade or occupation. Heck, if all else fails he can start a business and become successful there if he so chooses. Men can refine the skill sets they already have and bolster up their market value, improving it, as they get older, no matter if their physical attributes are now beginning to atrophy. Then when they do become employed, if they are at least halfway ambitious, they should make more money as their experience and body of knowledge increases. Think about the song ‘Rockstar by Nickleback. That song was about not liking one’s current situation in life and then CHOOSING to change it and what could be done in order to do so, or what one wanted out of life. For men, this is simply one of the many options we have available to us.

Women, on the other hand, have no such power or choice in their lives over men.

Sure, between 15 and 25, thy have oodles of leverage which some (a shrinking demographic to be sure) decide to use to their advantage, understanding it’s slippery and short lived nature, but a good portion don’t, especially now. Sure women can improve upon it with a good diet, exercise, and even plastic surgery, but these things only improve upon the genetics they have already been bestowed at birth. In other words, a woman’s already short-lived market value is ALSO capped by her heredity and she has no say in that whatsoever. The dice where rolled when she was conceived, and she can improve it, but only to a certain point. Therefore some women’s station in life in terms of what sort of man she can even attract has already been decided before she even set eyes on one in the first place.

Check this; years ago my best bud in high school was single and had a FWB during a ‘dry spell’. While he was able to keep things out of the emotional range, his FWB was starting to develop feelings for him. Well, after about 3 months, he then started to date a new girl and the benefits where ‘no longer required’ as it where, and she didn’t take this too well (surprise, surprise). You should have seen the look on this girl’s face when she had finally laid eyes on her competitor for my bud’s affections. My bud’s new girl was a solid 7.5; his former FWB was no more than a 5 at best. She was outclassed and she knew it, she left the scene very angry at something, I knew what it was but I didn’t want to comment on the obvious. She was beaten, and there was nothing she could do to bring up her own market value in order to compete in this situation. 

 She was out of the race before it even began in all honesty. This fact also came up with yet another female friend whenever we went to the bar. I happened to be dating a girl at the time who was much better looking than my best bud’s current girlfriend (different girl than the one he was dating above). She actually came right out and told me one day that she didn’t like going to the bar when my gf was around because she stole the spotlight from her. Same reason as before, while my bud’s gf wasn’t ugly to be sure, my gf at the time was easily better looking than her and did command much more male attention than she ever could.

Sucks competing with someone out of your league huh?

Let me put it to you like this; ever hear of this guy? He was a bum, living on the street at one point in time, and then, he joined up with a friend and founded Paul Mitchell Systems, a multi million dollar hair care line. He went from not being able to offer even the lowliest of women anything in terms of his market value, and then went on to being someone who most would consider a stud, right? BTW, after founding this business, and becoming successful, thus increasing his market value, guess what type of woman he was able to attract and then later marry?

Do women have that sort of turnaround available to them?

Nope, and that’s why they get so upset when we men make references to a female’s appearance and how much it means to us. Women aren’t stupid, they have at least an inkling as to how the world works, and they know that their ace in the hole comes with an expiry date, which comes all too quickly even for the most genetically gifted.  They have no real means to improve it before it’s gone, and certainly not after. Even if a woman decides to beat a man at his own game and becomes a pillar of industry, because men have no use for another breadwinner, this woman still has nothing to offer men. She will still be judged by what it is that men want from women, on her appearance and youth, which of course leads to her sexuality, and therefore her fertility. This may be why women want to dispose of ‘gender roles’ as their assigned ‘role’ from nature is far too confining while a man’s is almost infinite in terms of expandability.

Picture it, a seminar is held amongst professionals and a group of 6 older and established singles start to talk shop. All these professional people are in their 40’s and trading business ideas, but here is the sitch. Half are women, the other half men. Even if these women where sharper, and more educated than their male counterparts, they offer nothing to these men that they can’t get somewhere else. More importantly, as far as men are concerned, they will be able to get a BETTER deal than these women are offering as they will be able to score younger women with their expanded wealth and influence. Remember peeps, that even if these ladies are Cougars extraordinaire, youth is still something men find attractive and will gravitate to given the chance, and men will have MANY chances, just ask Demi Moore about this situation.

While there are indeed some successful childless women out there who are married, I bet that there are some very furious women that are frustrated that what they look for in a man in terms of his success, doesn’t translate well for them and are upset that men don’t look for the very same thing in women. Men don’t need another breadwinner in their lives in the aggregate, sorry ladies, just another case of assuming men think exactly like women, you have to understand…we don’t.

Solipsism is a hell of a drug.

Can you see why women are so p!ssed at men and our ‘power’ over them? That they only thing which seems to matter and give them leverage over us ‘big bad’ men is something that they hold sway over for only a 7th of their lives? This could be the reason why they chafe under our ‘preoccupation’ with their appearance so much. See how much leverage men have over women even here? Do you consider that this is the reason why women shame the living bejeezus out of men for our preferences for younger women? That they will clamor on and on about what’s ‘inside’ and how it counts for more than the outside? Could it be the ONLY defense they have in this regard?
Sure relationships are based on women’s choice, I grant that, however, consider all the work women do to even be considered by men so that they can be in the position to choose. Historically, they have to dress a certain way, as not to suggest they are loose, they have to save themselves for marriage as marrying men consider high mileage women to be poor partners and of course we have just discussed the value of appearance and fertility. Quite a bit of leverage we have don’t we? Of course now men are shamed into accepting a woman’s suppressed sexuality so they are free to do as they please, but women are only revolting currently (and in times past) due to the many constraints male nature placed upon them of which women had no choice but to obey, or watch the train leave without them.

Trust me, this p!ssed them off royal and they wanted a piece of the action trying to outdo us.

And this is only the beginning; most men, well Beta men, haven’t the foggiest idea as to how much power we actually have over women, and why feminism is trying to equalize something which simply cannot be balanced in the way that they would like. Alpha males seem to know or have an inkling about this situation inherently which is why they don’t give a rip about a woman’s opinion about them, while Beta’s are willing to trade so much just for regular sex. It only get’s more interesting from here.
Up next, marriage and the Bigger Better Deal.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent post. Well written and insightful.

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