Because I’m worth it

My wife has two close female friends in which she hangs out with periodically. They’re nice, decent people and fun to spend time with, however, the one thing which always has me shaking my head about them is the level at which Feminism has altered their lives.
While these women are hardly hard-line feminists, they do indeed subscribe to the entitlement complex, which so permeates Western Culture, and they don’t even realize how it’s affecting their lives negatively. One friend met a decent dude at the bar I work at p/t. This guy is well educated, very well mannered and ambitious. I thought this was good as successful black men like him and the group he hangs out with are in very short supply.
Well, he had gone over to her place one night, with a bottle of wine and some dinner for her. He stayed the night, and then he left. While he has gone back a few times here and there, I can promise you there is no dating going on there any longer. I asked my wife what happened but I already had an idea of what went down. She is a single mother with two adolescent children, and is now in her early 40’s. Yes she has her own career, but let’s just say that she looks like a 40-year-old single mother, okay? This man is in his late 20’s, well brought up as I had said before and very well off. I’ve been to her place in the past and let’s just say that it could use a little ‘sprucing up’ and leave it at that.
Frankly I’m surprised that he even went to her place at all.
While us guys aren’t going to hold it against a woman if her house isn’t right out of Martha Stewart Living, (never read the magazine myself), we do want to see at least that they give a sh!t about where they live. My wife asked me what was different with her because when we first met, she lived in a complex similar to her friend. Why did I ever come back?
I did have my misgivings pulling into my wife’s complex the first time, but I stepped into her townhouse, and it was clean and relatively well appointed. She had even painted it herself; even when she didn’t have to in order to make it more hospitable. It was clear that while she lived in a rough neighborhood, she didn’t plan on staying there more than she had to and I told my wife just that.
You walk into her friend’s place, and you can tell she doesn’t give a rip.
Plainly, the guys she meets see this right away and realize one thing; that they can do better.
These guys don’t stick around long, and just after my wife told me about her latest failure so to speak, I noticed this dude with another, younger, and hotter woman the following week at the bar.
Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
As for my wife’s other friend, while she lives in a small and modest apartment, which is clean and well appointed, she has some entitlement issues of her own. You see, she believes in soul mates and has very strict and stringent rules on what she wants in a man. Well, let me put the situation to you like this; I’m no Romeo, but most women could do much worse than me. I can tell you this in all honesty, that I wouldn’t be good enough for my wife’s friend, however…
 If I where single, I wouldn’t even look at this woman twice.
Same reason as before, I could simply do better than her. My wife feels so bad for her as when they go out clubbing, she had her eyes set on the best looking guy out there while everyone knows that she is way out of her league. However, she believes that she is entitled to a man like this, and wonders why more men aren’t breaking her door down.
Why? So just because she is a woman any man is lucky to have her? Don’t these women understand even at the very least that there are OTHER women out there that a man can be lucky with?
I hear my wife’s first friend repeat fairly often, “Where’s my Prince Charming, where is he?” yet hasn’t the foggiest clue why she hasn’t met him yet. Heck, drop by any dating website and you will see the long lists of what woman want in men, but not much of what they will offer in exchange.
This has been what’s forgotten in this sea of entitlement. A relationship is an exchange, not just a continuation of the “all about me show”.  Many women literally think they are the cat’s meow, and haven’t the foggiest clue that they are nowhere near as good a catch as they would like to think. Due to the constant bombardment of womyn’s media however, they have reason to believe the hype, even if it’s based on nothing but hot air.
Heck, it doesn’t matter that I look like a manatee, or that my house resembles a New York Ghetto, I’m a woman, you’re LUCKY to have me in your life at all. NOW GET OUT THERE AND GET ME SOME MONEY TO SPEND DAMMIT!!
Right, and as a result, she’s still single and may get a ride once in a while, but not much more than that.
Sad really, because she’s not a bad person, but since she has a head full of the wrong information, the chances of her getting what she wants is very low, and getting lower every year. As for my wife’s second friend, she had the same lament about her Mr. Right and she wants to have kids in the worst way. She is looking to get married so she can live the North American Woman’s dream of having a family, however, she is already well past 35 and in all honesty, most doctors would say that her window is already closed.
We all know that both of these ladies aren’t the only ones in this predicament. While feminism is doing a number on men in the West, their faulty conclusions and outright fabrications are also hurting women.
Women like my wife’s friends would be better catches if one kept better house, and both lost some weight and tried to focus a little more on what they can do for a potential mate rather than only on what they can do for them.
However, this is the exact opposite to the media indoctrination we are all exposed to and women gobble up like thanksgiving dinner.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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