Misogyny Origin Story!

I used to love the origins of Superheroes. I would pour over the Origin’s of marvel superheroes Wolverine, Colossus, Spiderman, and the like. Once my younger bro got involved in comics I read about lesser-known Heroes. WildC.A.T.S, Cyber Force, Stormwatch, Wetworks and the list goes on. It was cool to see these mild mannered people who where ‘just like you and me (only built like they never left the gym) adjusting to their new found powers and figuring out that they will use them for good.
Maybe, use them for the good of others to better mankind.
Well, I read another origin story today and it got me thinking, quite a bit. The Phantom Tollbooth is relatively young, but what I read today makes me want to share about my own misogynist origin, and why I want to spread the word.
You see, I’m a beta (surprise, surprise) and I knew that I couldn’t compete with all the Alpha’s who could lyrics the girls out of the trees, so using my reptile brain, I realized I needed an edge. I remember that women always complained about needing and wanting a nice guy, so I decided, heck, this is my ticket to getting the girl of my dreams, if I simply do what they say, I will have them eating out of my hand in NO time!!! I listened to whatever any woman told me and made sure to make mental notes of their desires.
I bought books, articles, and even got a subscription to Cosmopolitan in my bid to understand female psychology. I was going to get my dream girl, by being the ‘nice guy’; I honestly wondered why more men didn’t do this. I mean, all you had to do was get the information from the horse’s mouth!!!
While in high school, my plan worked as well as The Hindenburg’s maiden flight, but I simply dismissed this as women wanting bad boys when they where younger, and once older they would gravitate to ‘nice guys’ like me (cough). All I would do is bide my time and learn even more how to make woman happy, that is what I kept telling myself and I really had no reason not to believe it.
I got older, had a pretty serious girlfriend, and she cheated and broke up with me.
YAY, that was fun, no really.
Then I met yet another partner and decided to use my considerable ‘game’ (cough) on her as I wanted to keep her with me for the long haul. Now as time went on, things began to hit me upside my head but I barreled forward thinking I could break through. I figured that if I put my partner first, she would undoubtedly do the same for me.
I figured that if I met her needs, no matter how I didn’t want to do it, or even understand WHY she wanted them, that she would want to meet me halfway and meet my needs.
I learned that my partner could be completely happy with me so long as I was meeting her needs, whether she was meeting mine or not was irrelevant. I learned that I could give almost my last breath to a woman thinking that she would reciprocate for me later on but that she would have no issues leaving me hanging because she ‘didn’t feel like it’.
Not a fun feeling, not in the slightest.
The interesting thing; this woman WASN’T a feminist, simply a run of the mill North American Woman. Gotta love entitlement, huh? They will bitch about how you aren’t meeting their needs, but will waffle when you ask about yours…brilliant.And also an FYI, counseling was also initiated, and the counselor had told me about my needs in terms of her appearance, “It’s her body, so it’s her choice what she wants to do with it!” No kidding, but she is entitled to my time now isn’t she and you would have NO issue telling me so…right?
That was a learning experience, gotta tell you, but it doesn’t end there. 
I had posted my circumstances online on a trusted message board, warning people that my sitch wasn’t politically correct whatsoever just to see what I could do, get some fresh eyes on the state of affairs. Most women gave me short but honest answers, an MRA who posts on The Spearhead gave me a good honest answer…and a NAW attacked me for it, and wouldn’t stop.
I sat there and read her posts, thinking…“After ALL that I had learned…after ALL that I had done to make sure that she was happy…and yes she WAS happy…you are STILL blaming this on ME!!”
I’m not making this up, my needs where chronically not being met and apparently this was all my fault? And you wonder why men aren’t getting married anymore?
During this time I was also getting a real education about womynkind and the wonderful, fluffy movement Feminism actually was. I had gone to the Advice Goddess; Amy Alkon’s blog and learned quite a few things. It was she who had initially administered the red pill and woke me up from the Matrix. I can remember to this day reading a blog entry of hers in regards to Domestic Violence statistics and how the information in regards to female abusers seemed to be…missing in the mainstream. Amy had provided the stats on both genders and I stared at the screen, thinking what this must had to mean to realize that a movement dedicated to ‘equality’ was spinning information in this manner. What did that say about their integrity?
It was on the Advice Goddess’ blog that I learned what men liked in women, and that it was okay for men to be attracted to a woman’s physical appearance. I was astounded at what she posted on her blog, actually defending a man’s sexuality and the so-called ‘fair’ females who would comment on her blog equally astounded me. Some of these ‘women’ would say that they are fair to men and understand their plight, but most of them wouldn’t be out of place working for NOW, and that is the bottom line.
I had gone online to ‘educate’ some women when it came to questions about men, and their sexuality and was astounded by the lack of information women had. I had a woman actually say that men being visual was a ‘myth’ and I won’t lie, as far as I was concerned, those where fighting words. I tried to argue my point, I got one woman to partially concede, but I lost a lot of respect for all women that day.
They always say; “Men just have to understand that women need this and that.”
Really, well then you also just have to understand that WE need this and that. Nah, ya’ll just don’t care about that though, that much is obvious.
The straw that broke the camel’s back was a letter submitted to an online columnist, a man who had just retired and was upset that his SAHW was running him out of the house on a daily basis. While the columnist herself had a decent reply, the commenters pilloried this man for getting upset with his wife in the first place.
Nobody gave two sh!t’s that this man worked his whole life to support his wife and children, NOBODY gave a flying rip that this man had sacrificed his life in order to make sure this family had. They just saw a man who was complaining about his wife and decided to attack.
My story isn’t as harsh as others, I didn’t lose a marriage or some kids, but I did see just what many women think of us men and all I can say to other guys is simply this.
Let ‘em sleep in the sh!t that they make for themselves. I realized that only by the grace of GOD or good fortune, take your pick, that I didn’t end up like one of those stories that I relate here on The Phantom Tollbooth.
I was just as stupid, giving women far more than they deserved but by reasons beyond my control, I didn’t end up with that sort of misfortune.
Seeing what women really think about us men was a harsh reality check and it really opened my eyes to see that they would have no issues binding me if I followed them as easily as they had enslaved others. Equality is a ruse; good men are losing their children and livelihoods to a type of woman who no longer exists. They don’t need us anymore, and furthermore, they don’t give a tinker’s damn about us and they make that abundantly clear everyday. Okay then, let THEM go mine some diamonds, let THEM go attack that bunker, let THEM go and transport goods and run our nuclear reactors.
Women only care about men so long as we have some productivity or use to them, they have shown their selfish hands and I can tell you, it wasn’t a good idea whatsoever for them to do that. I would have and did walk over hot coals to please a woman once, after I did it and they simply asked for more, NOT reciprocating me in the slightest, I dressed my 3rd degree burns and put a stop to it before I injured myself more. They don’t deserve it, not at all and I refuse to put myself in that position again. I suggest you do the same.
I’m learning game, and for someone with ADHD, that will be really beneficial, not just in marital terms believe me. Women will look at messages and blogs like this and scoff. At the moment, they have no worries as Obama, and Stephen Harper provide for their child rearing desires.
It will only be when Big Daddy Guv has no mo money and more men tell them to get’to’steppin’ instead of marriage that blogs and messages like this will instill fear.
I don’t care ‘ladies’. You made your bed…lie in it.

About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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