Daddy is Useless?

That is what I had read a few years ago in Macleans Magazine. The article infuriated me and I can remember another one released on father’s day this year.
Fathers are useless and families can do just fine without them.
Really? Seriously?
So this article is based on a documentary by Adrian Grenier about how he didn’t know his father when he was growing up, but hey, he turned out okay, right? Essentially, that how important can fathers be if he didn’t have one and look where he is now? All right then, let me say this; in my time at the bar, I have encountered many people who have used…colorful recreational substances, and lots of them.  Someone told me about how he had used ‘Yeyo’ once and got nothing from it, he never used it again. So I guess that all the statistics citing that cocaine is addictive is bunk because, hey, my buddy didn’t get addicted, right?
I think not, here is just one site featuring the statistics on this growing problem, which counters the favorite female viewpoint, but we all know that it falls on deaf ears.
And yet, what is the famous party line our friendly neighborhood fembots like to use in terms of misandristic laws, which take good men away from their children?
This is in the best interests for the children.  THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!
Are they, are they really?
You know what, I’m now at the very young age of 35, I have both a full time career and at the moment, a part time job. While my career makes me look at the future and how I can do what I can for retirement for myself and what I can do for my family, my part time job makes me take a hard look at the present situation of society. It is very scary when you look at it and I always shake my head whenever the Law of the Jungle presents itself. When you read articles from the Spearhead and other MRA sites, you will always see things like “That woman is a slut!” “Men are stupid for getting married!” “Women are going to pay for their foolishness in time and that woman is going to get her comeuppance.”
However, the main thing that we miss is that each and every one of those people we talk about is a living, breathing person, just like you and me.
Some of us have a choice, taking the red pill and awakening from the Matrix before we crossed a chasm, which had no return. Others are indeed too far-gone to ever retread their paths and are faced with purgatory.
Understand that, some people are f$cked with no means of ever coming back, be they men or women!!!
When I go to the bar I work at, I see women aimlessly trying to slut their way into a man’s provisions, many single moms desperately looking for a man to aid them in their lives with the children they are now saddled with and have to provide for as time goes on. I had seen this amongst black people since I was a teenager, but now this single mommy hood is spreading amongst whites too, and growing with each passing year.
Just today, my Operations Manager told me about a co-worker that used to work at my bar. He was told that this rather attractive single mother that had met a new boyfriend not more than a month ago, and now she was engaged to him. I’ve worked with this girl for the last 3 years before she left of her own accord to another bar, before mommy hood had included her in it’s wondrous and beneficial club. She has many tattoos, three of which are the last three boyfriends she has dated in the past, the first being the father of her child. BTW, he was a yeyo using thug which my bar manager had an altercation with one day, putting him in the hospital. I’ve also seen this great specimen of a man getting arrested by the police after he took a swing at one and got dummied, REALLY hard.
Sigh, what a great choice to bring a child into the world with?!
Her parents divorced when she was young and she has been living with her mom for the remainder of her life. She is far from ugly, of this I can assure you, and she uses her looks to lure men into her life if she figures that you are a better deal that the one she is currently with. I kid you not when I state that I would see her with a different man pretty much every month before she left the bar I work at, and on Facebook, I would regularly see;
Such and such is single
Such and such is in a relationship
Repeated over and over again ad infinitum.
What, pray tell, is going to happen to her young child? What example is this going to set for her?  Is she going to follow in her illustrious mother’s footsteps?
Out of all the females that I meet and request friendship of me on Facebook due to my presence in the Nightclub industry, I know more single mothers now than I know married women. What does that tell you?
When I look around, and I have had to deal with immature black men from time to time and I have assisted the doormen with altercations on occasion; it makes me shake my head. It’s the blind leading the blind, as they try to fly after their adolescence, but instead hit the ground…hard… with false information and incomplete instruction as to how the world really works. There was little to no male influence in their respective lives, so there is no focus or outlet to their aggression. I’ve seen many men ejected or fight for the most foolish and frivolous of reasons…and so many of these men get mad at you for reacting to their bad behavior.
It’s at this time that I always think about my own father. My Dad, who wasn’t perfect, and really didn’t spend that much time with me growing up, but did his best with what he knew. My father, who grew up in the Caribbean, and deliberately lost his accent to make himself sound more intelligent all on his own with no prodding from his parents whatsoever. I have had people tell me that when they speak to him on the phone, he sounds British, and he has NEVER been to England.
My Dad did teach me right from wrong, and while he wasn’t perfect, he was all that I had, and now I realize that what he gave me is more than some will get in a lifetime!!! When I look at the growing number of immature men and women of all races, but especially black, I think back to something in my past, which had happened to me when I was a teenager at my very first job. I was working at a retail store and about to go home and the Supervisor’s wife who was helping for the night asked me a question.
“Omnipitron, is your father in the military?”
“No Mrs. Blank.” I answered. “Why do you say that?”
“Because they way you act towards you superiors makes me think that you had a very strict upbringing.”
At the time, I simply thought that this would be a compliment to not just my father, but my mother as well. As I get to this current stage in my life, I realize one thing; I could have been a LOT worse and while my life isn’t perfect, it is a far cry from the lives I see in the bar on a regular basis, and even some of the ‘fallen souls’ I encountered in high school. While my mother did make sure I knew right from wrong, my father did set an example which I didn’t even appreciate until now.
Daddy ISN’T useless; and only fools think that they are.

About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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