What the @#$@# did you just call me???

A chinstrap, yeah that’s right, I just called you a Chinstrap. Now I know Ma’am that you are looking at me with murder in your eyes as you consider this ridiculous label I have applied to you, but unknowingly, I have bestowed upon you a very high honor.
Allow me to explain myself, okay?
Every male child in this world is born and then without fail gets a brand placed onto his forehead. He has no choice, and this brand is simply part of his makeup, in essence, part of him being a man. That Brand;
You aren’t a man if you chose to shirk responsibility, and men (in previous eras) made sure that this was the case. Responsibility was your task and your burden as men had the broad shoulders to handle such an assignment. Men are told to “man up, suck it up, deal with it, be a man”, and all sorts of other phrases to teach us to get back up, wipe ourselves off, and keep on, keepin’ on no matter what it was that knocked us down in the first place. If we make excuses, we are no longer deemed ‘men’, by both men and women.
This is our lot in life, we don’t complain, we try not to show pain, and we inherently need very little in life. Soldiers are most of our heroes, and heroes inspire, they don’t criticize, protest, or grumble.
They keep doing what needs to be done, no matter the cost.
If our families need for something, we take that personally as it is our RESPONSIBILITY to take care of all their needs. We need so little that even the smile on our charges faces warms us from the depth of our souls. We need no thanks, just a hug and an “I love you Daddy” is enough for us to sell our souls and go back to the life crushing hellholes, which most call ‘careers’.
But what of woman, what is the deal with them?
Well, thanks to Feminism, women too, can have responsibility. However, there is one exception. For them, it isn’t a brand, but a bonnet with strings, which can be loosed and discarded whenever the situation warrants it. 
Not enough pay? THAT’S NOT FAIR; I’M JUST AS GOOD AS ANY MAN!!! Bonnet stays tight.
Convicted of murder? False Rape, DV allegation? A simple ‘oops’ which you don’t want? I’m just a lowly woman; I couldn’t be responsible for that!!! And the bonnet is removed.
Funny, we men aren’t supposed to do that, but we are heavily chastised for that behavior. We don’t have a backup plan, but our ‘equals’ do?
Why the talk about all of this? Well, in the midst of all this hard fought and ill-timed female privilege, there are a few women (a scant few) who actually realize what the mantle of responsibility ACTUALLY means!! These women press hard, and fight to be recognized amongst their male peers by following in their footsteps. To be rewarded simply due to their gender is a travesty to them, and they want to work for the same responsibilities their male counterparts do. They realize that if a man gets the shaft, this is indeed wrong and actually fights for them (rare I know). These women are also p!ssed off by female privilege as they watch lesser females attain the same, or greater success by their gender alone after all the long, hard work and hours they decided to put in to be recognized by the same ruler men use.
For these women, responsibility isn’t a bonnet, but a helmet, which they don and then strap themselves in so it can’t be removed easily, even by themselves, no MATTER the consequences.
And most women hate them for it.
RESPONSIBLE women, despise the actions of their entitled sisters, as they undermine everything that ‘equality’ was meant to give them. The sad thing, these women are so few in number that the chinstraps that any man or MRA has encountered is so rare, most can count them on one hand.
I know I can. I have actually mistaken a few chinstraps to be men until a post or a reference to their personal lives (i.e. my husband says…) changes my opinion of them, and therefore, my respect for them. Most women DO NOT have my respect!!!
I wish there where more of them. I doubt I’m the only one.
I toast the few Chinstraps that are out there and although I’m not a Christian, God Bless You for not succumbing and crossing through the door that is available to all women in terms of female entitlement. It astounds me that you have this choice, but your morals and character do not permit you to submit.
It takes cojones to see a way out and not take it. You few Chinstraps are truly men’s equals.

About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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