Getting Unstuck

I look forward to Saturdays at my part time job. The Club isn’t as busy, so we have one less ‘tender on the bar so I usually make more money, which is the whole name of the game anyway, right? Well, recently I have been in a somewhat playful ‘tussle’ as it where with one of the senior short order cooks in terms of Globalism vs. Feminism.  You see, I have been listening to him for the past 2 months of Saturdays as he endlessly drones on about the evils of Globalism, Corporatism and the like, and I must say, he is very well read, and I can see he has a point. I will indeed need to look into this further as I have seen this topic touched upon before and there probably is a link between our friendly fembots and Money INC.
However, when I told him about the effects of Feminism on the West, he went off the deep end, as if this was simply a diversion of the REAL issue, which was big, bad Globalism. I had sent him to the Spearhead, and he did indeed see that some of the guys there had been screwed over by women, but then he had told me that he had spoken to a woman online about some of the socialist countries in Europe which where ‘doing it right’ and the West needed to emulate.
His examples; Norway and, wait for it…Sweden.
He had spoken to a Swedish Feminist online and she had told him that she didn’t like the hard-line feminazi’s herself and they where simply following the Globalist regime, but she was against all the misandry present in the country herself.
Ahem, I then asked him one question; when any laws which were ever passed in Norway, or Sweden which disenfranchised men, where were the Feminists fighting for their rights? 

He didn’t have an answer for me.

I don’t have any links to support my allegations that there are no positive Feminists in Scandinavia, but I will be coming back with them after I do indeed conduct some research in the matter. I really think my search will reveal some sobering information for my dear friend when I come back with some news which will knock his precious Sweden and Norway off their ‘equality’ pedestal he has put them on.
For crying out loud, he went to the freaken’ Nazi’s themselves when looking for information in regards to the Gestapo’s movements!! What do you THINK they are going to say?
We discussed some more about the future and what it means to be a Man living in the West and the more we spoke, the more I think he is trapped in some sort of netherworld where knowledge of something one can’t really change is some sort of powerful agent for good. I told him that the best thing for a man to do now is to never get married; his response was for the West to adopt Socialist policies like Scandinavia.
When I pointed out that the Government has no interest in that sort of change, he went on regurgitating what he had read which pointed out just how the American Government had sold out. While knowing about it is indeed good, how was that going to help John Q Public?
I wonder how that would have helped WL as he wonders about his future with an assault charge on his record, being told about Globalism and such before he got married? I wonder about my other friend, NS, who is separated from his wife who is using the family courts to her advantage in regards to their daughter. I wonder how telling another friend of mine, DC who is working 7 days a week under the table to get enough money to launch a legal battery against his ex wife just in order to see his daughter once more about Globalism. Would that information have assisted him before he got married?
I had heard something very profound very recently, that the most enslaved people don’t see the bars on their cages. The funny thing;

It was this particular cook who had told me that.


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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3 Responses to Getting Unstuck

  1. Troll KING says:

    sweat blog man, glad to know Im on your list. Don't know what your blogs purpose is, it's cool if you don't either cause Im still finding my area of expertise and learning about it all, but there are alot of usefule links on my troll roll and at the spearhead obviously. It's kinda hard to find male oriented blogs and sites that arent either pro feminist or for men but written by women like menshealth or something. The sad thing about this guy your talking about is that he is being idealistic and not pragmatic. Females are telling him how good he could have it, and he looks at his life and wishes for a better(who doesn't right?) and he is also making the mistake so many of us men have been conditioned into which is trusting women and their motives. One interesing thing is how smart so many 'blue' collar men actually are. Ive known some guys who are cooks, and weren't in college, and most of them are incredibly intelligent. I don't know about your friend, but I think there are three basic strategies we need to use to get men onboard.This isn't in any particular order either.1. Mating; Divorce and marriage, how men have to pay, ask out, and so on while putting it into historical perspective. Yknow, the reason men worked was to support not oppress women and so on. One thing that I have noticed alot is just to point out the language behind dating.for ex/ what do men say about women they are lusting after or in love with? It may be poetic or it maybe vulgar to the extent of a penthouse letter, but men heap tons of praise onto women and how much they want to take care of them and well, fuck them…er, romanticize them…being a man Im sure you can think of plenty of things you have either said or seen buddies say to women.Now what do women say to men? ex/You TREAT ME so well….You TAKE CARE OF ME so well…notice how when women give their significant others compliments it's always about them still but when men do it it's about the woman, or reciever of the compliment.Women take and men give, or women play let's you and him fight and they get other men(police, judges, etc.) to take from the man.

  2. Troll KING says:

    damn…the rest of my comment got cut off. Bloggers comment system kinda sucks huh.But point 2 was about education and the myriad of ways boys are royally mindfucked and the third point was about game/PUA/evolutionary biology/MGTOW.I am of the firm belief that the reason evolution isn't taught in schools isn't just because of bible thumpers but instead also due to feminists insistance on the blank slate theory.Ill add you to my trollroll

  3. Omnipitron says:

    Thanks TrollKing, I appreciate it greatly. Your one of the reasons that I wanted to start blogging in the first place, your blog makes people think and not enough people are doing that!!As for the purpose, you're right, I'm not sure, but I can tell you this; I'm f-cking tired of all the bullsh!t we men take and for what?? I'm tired of being silenced and at least here on this medium, we can state what we wish without too much reprisal.

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