The Beginning

I was watching the 70’s show with my wife a few days ago and I couldn’t help but notice something. In the episode, Midge Pinciotti was becoming a ‘Women Warrior” and her husband, Bob Pinciotti, was chafing under this new change in his wife. As I considered the situation for a second, I couldn’t help but see the irony, which is akin to what modern men in Western Society currently find themselves in. Misandry is ubiquitous and men don’t even recognize it, or realize how many rights we as a whole no longer have until it’s too late, sometimes far too late depending on the situation. It really messed me up the first time I woke up from the matrix, reading something ironically on a woman’s blog about how Domestic Violence statistics are still making men out to be horrific abusers yet seemed to neglect additional information regarding the increase of women on men’s violence.
That was the beginning of a journey, which enlightened me to the level of misandry present in the West and now innocent things like jokes about men or off color statements don’t strike me the same way anymore. My wife has sent me some grrl power emails forwarded from her friends that just a few short years ago I would have chuckled at, but now since reading about the plight men face, I in turn now reply with some truthful and realistic replies. I have stood my ground and told ‘the ugly truth’ to females living in fantasyland whenever the need arises. It then occurred to me, how am I any different from Midge when she was trying to make a difference in her own life in the fictional story of “That 70’s Show”? Well, I guess this is the irony of the situation, that I, and many other men have now traded places with feminists, getting a little edgy with certain ‘jokes’ that the ‘ruling class’ finds entertaining, and being sensitive at certain situations, which most women find innocent and innocuous.
Well, this is the deal. Now we men are the ‘underclass’. Now womyn are the one’s making funny ‘jokes’ as men march off to the gas chambers and are told to be ‘happy about it’ as we are lucky to be in the service of ‘womyn’ at all. How we have switched places is very interesting and I’m sure in the future much will be written about this, but in the meantime, we have to make it through this with our skins, and sometimes our sons intact, not a small order considering the times. This juxtaposition isn’t lost on me, and I have to shake my head at the situation in its entirety. If you had told me I would even be blogging about this when I was 17 I would have laughed at you in the absolute absurdity of the idea, but now it seems to be a necessity. Men and womyn have switched places and it is we men who are now the ones who are ‘meeting’ in small cramped venues (the internet) and conversing over the injustices we as a group now face as the oligarchy in power decides our fate. I’ve read The Misandry Bubble by our dear friend The Futurist and I know that this gulag known as feminism will come to a flaming end, but not without some issues first which we all will have to suffer through. This particular blog will serve as my online journal as we watch this farce known as “North American Culture” comes to a fiery and crashing end. 
I admit, I have no sympathy for womyn as this situation could have been avoided had they simply realized or even remembered the main motto of feminism. EQUALITY means the same for one as it does for the other. However, it seems that womyn have no interest in the issues that men currently face and more and more of Feminism’s Agenda’s serves only to castrate and disenfranchise men while empowering women. It seems that the womyn’s movement is fascist in nature and we men have to fend for ourselves. Sad really, as I wonder how many women had said the same thing about us men in the past when they decided to ramp up their underground movement to ‘overthrow the man’ and make changes?  How soon we forget huh? While we can argue about who is right and who is wrong, the truth is that we are the ones who will have to watch our asses in the future as womyn push their agendas as time passes, consolidating their power at our expense.
Us men may have not been 100% fair in history, but while women in the past may not have had the vote or other rights men had, men where also doing their best to make sure that their families where taken care of, something that many feminists would be hard pressed to prove in these times.
Good luck to all of us during these times. We will need it.


About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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